Cherokee Ancestry

Cherokee Ancestry: Bureau of Indian Affairs - The government explains how Cherokee ancestry falls into different categories as the result of the Indian Removal Act in the 1800s. Read how each band is defined and locate contact information.

All Things Cherokee - A site devoted to Cherokee history, genealogy, culture, arts & entertainment, and language.

Cherokee Genealogy Links: People's Path - You can find multiple connections with families, organizations and mailing lists to aid with your family-tree searches. This thorough package of links also guides you to software applications for genealogy.

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cherokee ancestry
Cherokee Proud
A Guide for Tracing and Honoring Your Cherokee Ancestors
Among the people of this country are individuals in whose blood runs the proud heritage of a noble and resilient people whose ways and talents rank with the finest civilizations the world has known. They are the "Tsalagi". . . the Cherokee. This book will help you learn if you are one of them.